Extremism: Its Supporters and a Voice of Reason

As featured on The Huffington Post:

Today’s New York Times carried an in-depth article about one of the myriad supporters of extremist Islam (“Qatar’s Support of Extremists Alienates Allies Near and Far”)

The article goes into expository detail citing Qatar’s support of “Islamist groups around the region by providing safe haven, diplomatic mediation, financial aid and in certain instances weapons.” According to the Times, some in Washington have accused Qatar of directly supporting the bloodthirsty ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). Not to be out done, the U.S. Treasury Department cited other Arabian Gulf nations as “permissive jurisdictions” for terrorist fundraising.

Given the recent bellicosity and occupational expanse of the ISIS brigades, given the horrors they have visited on those they have conquered and on those who differ in their beliefs or worse, who have been held captive and slaughtered, that they, ISIS, could be supported is both shocking and deeply depressing. That depravity on such enormous scale could be countenanced and given aid is beyond comprehension.

Some weeks ago this corner posted a blog — “Saudi Contrition Fighting Terrorism: Much Too Little, Much Too Late” on August 18, 2014 — that elicited a comment from an abashed Muslim reader that I found both compelling and even more timely today. I would like to quote it in its entirety capturing its dialect and its deep outrage and sadness. Would that there be more voices such as this in concert.

“Latif Abdul · Top Commenter
Thanks United States who save thousands people of Iraq and save Dam from the rebels. God bless America and its people.

God already said that God will curse those who do not obey the existing authority or REBEL, and will bring on them disaster and misery in this world.

Again and again, God has been using USA’ s power to punish rebel every where in this world. God bless United States with peace, justice, power and prosperity.

Arab people kill Arab——Muslim kill Muslim—-Arab become wild people again.–nauzubillah
Millions innocent Arab people killed and suffering…

Those who love to live in peace and harmony have to stand together against the extremist Muslim…otherwise the extremist Muslim will bring disaster,misery and sorrow for human being. Extremist Muslim Scholars have so much hatred in their heart. They drunk with religion and killing
of innocent people such as children and women. This is a terrible ferocity and brutality . They do not have compassion, love and tolerance. They do not accept the different view of Islam. Extremist Muslim is like the supremacy Nazi and Stalin.They are so dangerous for humanity.

Everyday we see the extremist Muslim kill innocent people from Nigeria,Somalia, to Iraq,Syria and Pakistan and Afghanistan. They started killing innocent people on 11/9 2001 in USA…3000 innocent people died.

The time has come to define Radical Islam, Jihadits. Please ask your local mosque, Islamic School, and Islamic organization to clearly, unambiguously and publicly denounce the following concepts that originated from the book of Hadits Muslim-Bukhari (ancient Arab laws, 1400 years ago )

A. Kill civil people ( children,and women)
B. Kill Gay-Lesbian.
C. Kill Apostate .
D. Ban and kill blasphemy such as; Muslim Syiah, Ahmadiyah, Christian etc.
E. Beat women and stoning women to death for adultery.
F. Slash woman for punishment.
G. Cut hand for punishment.
H. Burqa, Hijab, Veil are not the code of Islamic dress, but the Arab
traditional dress where these people live in heat desert since ancient time.
I. Women are forbidden to go out side of the house.
J .Women are forbidden sing a song.
K.Women are forbidden drive a car.
L. Women are forbidden to shake hand with a man. And can not sid side by side.
M. Muslims are forbidden to say; Merry Christmas to friend
N. Christian are forbidden to use the word of Allah.
O. Extremist Muslim ruler treat the religious minority unfairly.
P. Christian have to pay extra tax, like Jizya .QS 9:29.
Q. Muslim are forbidden to eat meat that slaughtered by non
S. God and prophet never ask Muslim practice shalah Tarawih in Ramadhan.,
but they follow his idol.

We moderately educated Muslim around the world have to admit that Syariat Law
like Saudi, Iran, Taliban is not the true Islamic teaching, because the ruler
impose the Sharia laws to others, and commit discrimination, oppression, and no
freedom of religion, expression, and speech.. Also there is no justice for all

This Syariah law is absolutely misguided people and bring disaster to humanity as we see now. Whereas Prophet say in Al Quran clearly that there is no compulsion in Islam QS 2:256. Islam is religious freedom. Islam treat all people fairly, justice for all regardless his belief, race and gender.QS 60:8

We Muslims are the ones who need to change. It is a Muslim problem that needs a Muslim solution .


May Allah guide all my brothers to the right path. Amen
Love for all hared for none.
Love is the seed of happiness.
Fear is the seed of hatred
Hate is the seed of trouble, conflict and violence

Love your neighbor as yourself.”If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.Galatian 5:14”

To which one can only add, ‘AMEN.’

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